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Important Notifications

How to Set Up Account Alerts

Monitoring your account activity

Need an easier way to keep tabs on your account? By setting up account alerts, you can receive notifications via email or text message to let you know when there’s been activity in your account.

Types of alerts

There are three kinds of alerts you can set up:

Security alerts let you know whenever there’s been a successful or failed attempt to sign in to your account.

Fraud alerts inform you whenever suspicious activity has been detected on any of your accounts.

Account-specific alerts tell you about balance changes, deposits, withdrawals or card authorizations on a specific account.

  • Balance alerts are sent whenever your account balance goes above or below the dollar amount you specify.
  • Deposit alerts are sent whenever your account receives funds.
  • Withdrawal alerts are sent whenever funds are withdrawn from your account.
  • Card authorization alerts are sent whenever transactions are pending on your account. (This is especially useful for monitoring cards that are rarely used.)

TIP: For most alerts, you will need to set a minimum dollar amount. We recommend setting that to $1 for withdrawals. It’s the easiest way to get alerts every time.

How to set up account alerts

Setup in Mobile Banking

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Setup in Online Banking

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Helpful tips

TIP: In the Mobile Banking app on Android devices, you can slide the top menu bar left or right to reveal more options.

TIP: Want another way to check on your accounts fast? Setting up Quick Balance in Mobile Banking will let you see your balances with one tap.

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