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When to Expect a Tax Form from Us

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When to Expect 1099-INT and Form 1098

There are several tax reporting forms issued by all financial institutions. Here’s a rundown of different types and when you might receive one from us.

Form 1099-INT

You’ll receive this form if you earn $10.00 or more in dividends on your accounts in a calendar year. They are available in Online Banking for those enrolled in e-statements in early January. They are also sent by mail in January.

Form 1098

If you pay $600.00 or more in interest on a real estate-secured loan (mortgage, home equity, etc.) you’ll receive this form by mail at the beginning of January.

Other less common tax forms you may receive from us include:

  • 1099C - Debt Discharged
  • 1099R - IRA Distribution Totals
  • 1099SA - HSA Distribution Totals
  • 1099Q - Coverdell ESA Distribution Totals
  • 5498 - IRA Fair Market Value

Quick tips

  • If you’re enrolled in e-statements in Online Banking, tax forms are located in Statements & Documents under the Account tab. You will also receive your tax forms by mail.
  • Mortgage-related tax statements are only sent by mail. They are not available in Online Banking.

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