Making the Most of Account Alerts

If you'd like a hand keeping tabs on your account activity, the alerts feature in Online Banking may be the tool for you. You can set alerts to arrive via text or e-mail and control when you're notified. Alerts can arrive within 60 minutes of an event occurring, or as daily, weekly or monthly summaries.

Alert Types
  • Balance – Receive alerts when your account balance is below (or above) an amount that you select.
  • Transaction – Receive alerts when specific types of transactions occur. You can denote details like the merchant, amount and type; e.g., deposits, pending card authorizations and pending debit or credit card transactions.
  • Sign In – Receive alerts about Online Banking sign-in attempts. You can also choose to only receive alerts for failed sign-ins or successful sign-ins.
How to Set Up Alerts
  • Sign in to Online Banking.
  • Select the Alerts tab.
  • Choose the type of alert you'd like to create.
  • Customize your alert and click Save.
  • To create additional alerts, click the Add Alert subheading and repeat the process.