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Authorized Signers on Credit Cards - FAQs

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What is an authorized signer?

An authorized signer is someone who has been issued a credit card on someone’s account to perform transactions, but is not a co-borrower or joint signer on the line of credit.

Does an authorized signer does have access to account balances, credit limit and transaction history?

No. Authorized signers can only use the card to make purchases.

Can an authorized signer request replacement cards, make inquiries on declined transactions or ask for card or account support?

No. Authorized signers have no access or account maintenance permissions.

Will an authorized signer have a different card number than the primary cardholder?

No, the credit card issued to the authorized signer will have the same number and use the same Personal Identification Number (PIN) as the primary cardholder.

Is the authorized signer responsible for making payments?

No – the authorized signer is not liable or responsible for any account activity.

Does account information or activity appear on an authorized signer's credit report?


How can I add or remove an authorized signer on my Visa® card?

Complete the Visa Request Form and return it:

  • To your nearest branch
  • By fax: 360.570.3523 (card will be mailed to you)
  • By mail: WSECU, Attn: Card Services, PO Box WSECU, Olympia, WA 98507

Quick Tips

  • If your Visa line of credit has a joint member, include the information in the co-applicant section. Both the primary and joint need to sign the form.
  • Be sure to include complete information for the authorized signer (name, address, Social Security Number and date of birth).
  • If you return the form to a branch, we can create a new card on the spot. If you mail or fax the form, the card will be sent.

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