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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) - FAQ

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What is GAP?

Vehicle values usually drop a lot quicker than the loan balance. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is a great way to protect the investment you've made in your vehicle. This coverage is available for most vehicles, RVs, motorcycles, boats and personal watercraft.

How does it work?

True to its nickname, GAP helps cover the difference between the amount you owe on your loan and the value of your vehicle if it's totaled in an accident or stolen1. In some cases, you may also receive up to $1,000.00 of your insurance deductible2.

How can I get GAP for my vehicle loan?

If you're planning a purchase, we can include GAP when you apply for your loan. Learn more about our auto loans.

If you already have your loan with WSECU, we can add GAP within the first 18 months. Just give us a call at 800.562.0999 or visit your nearest branch.

How do I submit a claim with GAP if I need to?

Stop by your nearest branch or call 800.562.0999. We'll get the ball rolling on your claim as soon as your primary insurance claim is processed.

If you'll be replacing your vehicle because it was totaled or not recovered from a theft, let us know. You may be eligible for $1,000.00 towards the purchase if you finance with us.

Minus delinquent loan payments, late charges, refundable service warranties and other insurance-related charges. In some circumstances, GAP may not cover the entire outstanding balance.

Deductible reimbursement not available in all states.

This information is not a contract. For a complete list of benefits and rules, see the GAP Waiver Election Form. Purchasing GAP is voluntary and cannot be required as a condition of loan approval. GAP is a loan deficiency waiver and is not offered as insurance coverage. GAP is not available in all states.

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