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How to Transfer Funds to Another Institution in Online Banking

1 minute read

Online Banking gives you the ability to transfer funds between your WSECU account and accounts you have with other financial institutions.

Quick facts

  • You can set up external transfers coming into your WSECU account anytime.
  • You can set up account transfers going out of your WSECU account if your account has been open at least 90 days.
  • The accounts must have at least one common owner.
  • Setting up external accounts may take a few business days.
  • Up to three transfers can be made each day. The dollar limit per transfer may vary. You will be notified if the amount you enter exceeds the limit.

What you’ll need

  • To set up a transfer, you'll need the account number and routing number of the financial institution receiving funds. We suggest verifying this information with your financial institution.

How to set up external transfers

  • At the bottom of the My Accounts page in Online Banking, select "Link an Account."
  • Select "Non-WSECU Bank Account," then select "Next."
  • Enter the routing number, account number and account type, then select "Next."
  • Verify the information on the following screen and select "Agree & Link."

What happens next

  • We'll send two small deposits to verify the account. It can take a couple of business days for those deposits to show in your external account.
  • Once you see the deposits, sign in to Online Banking to verify the amounts. Go to Account Settings (under Accounts). Your financial institution will be highlighted. Select "Verify Now" and enter the deposit amounts.
  • Once you’ve verified the amounts, set up is complete.

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