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Protecting Your Assets

As a Washington homeowner or renter, your home and personal belongings may be your biggest investments. But in an unpredictable world, they can also be your biggest risks.

That’s why WSECU is committed to helping you find the best insurance to protect your residence and belongings. In the event of a fire, storm, theft or other unfortunate event, the right policy can help you cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

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Did You Know?

Members save an average of $673 a year when they make the switch.*

How does WSECU help me save?

We find the best plan — and rates — for you.

How you'll save

Why do I need home insurance?

Whether you rent or own, protect your home.

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What factors might impact my rate?

A range of factors means a range of rates.

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Flood and Earthquake Insurance Now Available

Damage from earthquakes and floods can be costly to repair. Add protection against these and other events not included in a typical policy. Coverage for additional dwellings or property is also available.

Call 855.811.5331 to request a quote for custom coverage.

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Homeowners Insurance

If you’re a Washington state homeowner, you’ll want to protect your home and valuables against fire, theft, storms and other disasters. Homeowners insurance is also required to get approved for a mortgage.

  • WSECU helps you save an average of $673 per year.*
  • Receive a homeowners insurance quote online within 15 minutes.
  • Compare rates from multiple carriers.
  • Bundle with auto insurance for potential discounts.

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Renters Insurance

Your landlord’s insurance policy may protect your building from damage or loss, but safeguarding what’s inside your home is up to you. Protect your valuables against fire, theft or other unfortunate events.

  • Renters insurance is highly affordable.
  • Pay only for coverage of personal belongings and liability.
  • Receive a renters insurance quote online within 15 minutes.
  • Compare rates from multiple carriers.

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Condo Insurance

Similar to homeowners insurance, condo insurance protects your home and valuables against unexpected damage or loss. But premiums tend to be lower since any property outside of your unit is usually covered by the condo association’s master policy.

  • Pay lower premiums compared to typical homeowners insurance.
  • Coverage level is dependent on the extent of your building’s master policy.
  • Receive a condo insurance quote online within 15 minutes.
  • Compare rates from multiple carriers.

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mobile home

Mobile Home Insurance

Just because your home is constructed differently doesn't mean it needs protection any less. While mobile homes don't usually qualify for homeowners insurance, the right mobile home insurance policy will ensure your investment is protected.

  • Protect your mobile home against fire, theft and other disasters.
  • Customize your policy with flood and earthquake insurance.
  • Receive a mobile home insurance quote online within 15 minutes.
  • Compare rates from multiple carriers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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*Figure of $673 is a national average savings number of auto, homeowner and package policyholders' savings when compared to the policyholders' former premiums. This is a 12-month rolling total from 8/18-9/19. Individual premiums and savings will vary.

Your perspective is important to us and helps us see where we’re hitting the mark and where there might be areas to improve.