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Information on skipping payments

COVID-19 member update:

Small business loans — Eligibility has been extended to small business loans. Learn more.
Double skip — Now you can skip two consecutive payments. Learn more.

Skip a monthly payment at your discretion

Skip-a-Pay is a handy WSECU benefit you probably didn’t even know you had. If your loan is eligible, you can skip your next payment. There’s no penalty, and it doesn’t affect your credit rating. It’s pretty useful in a pinch.

Things to know about Skip-a-Pay

  • Using Skip-a-Pay does not negatively affect your credit rating.
  • Although you can skip a payment, interest will continue to accrue.
  • Automatic payments may need to be managed separately.
  • Some loan types are not eligible (for those, the option will not appear). See below for details.
  • Some restrictions may apply. See below for details.
  • Only the primary account holder can access Skip-a-Pay. Joint borrowers can call 800.562.0999 to process a skip.
  • Eligible accounts that are past due still qualify for Skip-a-Pay and double skip if the delinquency is fewer than 60 days.

Double skip

Now you can skip two consecutive payments on eligible loans and credit cards. Please note that each skip must be processed separately. After processing the first skip, if your next payment is due within 30 days, you may immediately process your second skip. If your next payment due date is more than 30 days away, you will not be able to process a second skip until the payment due date is within 30 days.

Visa® credit cards are an exception. Because their payment cycles always begin on the 18th day of the month, Visa credit cards do not become eligible for a skip until the 18th day of the month prior as long as all other eligibility requirements are met.

How to use Skip-a-Pay

How to use Skip-a-Pay on Online Banking

Online Banking: Access Skip-a-Pay from the Quick Actions menu.

Couple reading a piece of paper

Screenshot of how to use skip-a-pay

Mobile Banking: Access Skip-a-Pay on the top carousel menu inside Loan Transaction History.

Couple reading a piece of paper

View Mobile Banking App screenshot

Skip a monthly payment at your discretion

Eligibility and fine print

Restrictions and fees

  • Auto and personal loans: Typical fee is $25 per skip.
  • Credit cards: Typical fee is $15 per skip.
  • Non-revolving loans, such as auto loans, are allowed a maximum of 6 skips for the life of the loan, with a maximum of 3 skips in a rolling 12-month period.
  • Revolving loans, such as credit cards and lines of credit, are allowed an unlimited number of skips with a maximum of 3 skips in a rolling 12-month period.
  • One double skip is allowed in a 90-day time period. It is not a requirement to take 2 consecutive skips. A minimum of 90 days and 3 loan payments is required for a loan to be eligible for a new skip.

Eligible for Skip-a-Pay

Column 1

  • Certificate Secured
  • Indirect New Auto
  • Indirect Used Auto
  • Indirect New Boat
  • Indirect New Motorcycle
  • Indirect New RV
  • Indirect Used Boat
  • Indirect Used Motorcycle
  • Indirect Used RV
  • Motorcycle
  • New Auto

Column 2

  • New Boat
  • New RV
  • New Titled Goods
  • Personal Line of Credit
  • Personal Loan
  • Q-Cash Plus
  • Share Secured Line of Credit
  • Share Secured Loan
  • Used Auto
  • Used Boat
  • Used Non-Titled Goods

Column 3

  • Used RV
  • Used Titled Goods
  • Visa Classic
  • Visa Classic Secured
  • Visa Gold Rebate
  • Visa Gold Rewards
  • Visa Platinum
  • WSECU Cash Back Visa Signature
  • WSECU Low Rate Visa

Skip-a-Pay temporarily available for small business

Skip-a-Pay temporarily available for small business

If you are a business owner looking for relief, contact our Small Business team to learn how our Skip-a-Pay service can help. Loans currently eligible include:

  • Business Line of Credit
  • Business New Auto
  • Business Platinum Rewards Visa
  • Business Term Loan
  • Business Used Auto

Skip-a-Pay eligibility for Small Business loan requires that the loan is open for at least 120 days with the first three monthly payments completed.

Non-Eligible Loans

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